If you’re here because you saw this tweet:

You are in the right place.

Just because we’re not at a conference doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get to meet other amazing people and connect over what we’re working on, fascinated by and wanting to learn more about.

So many people responded with interest, so there are going to be two times and you can pick whichever one works best for your schedule.

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Thursday 9/12 at 1pm PT


9/12 Notes

Friday 9/13 at 1pm PT


9/13 Notes

The goal is to create a space for people to talk about what they’re working on, excited about or interested in. Unlike traditional conference sessions, there is no one specific presenter and for these conversations, we don’t have an agenda. Think of this like a roundtable or dinner conversation where everyone has the chance to speak, ask questions and share. With that in mind, we should each try to be mindful of the time we take up and make space for one another. Thanks for being up for this experiment!